No Code (RC 05 July)

From July 5-September 22, I'm spending time at the Recurse Center in NYC. I'm going to do my best to post every day, detailing whatever I got up to. Hopefully I'll be able to sum up series of daily events & work done such that even if they're completely incoherent moment by moment as I live them, they'll seem orderly in hindsight, and I'll feel better. Additional things:

Anyway, here we go:

The first day of any new major organizing life event (RC isn't broadly comparable and understood like school, a job, or even my touring days, so don't know what noun to call it by), no matter how positive, is always going to be a little disorienting (at least for me). And so it is at Recurse. The people are incredibly welcoming, the environment is warm and charged with lots of creative energy, and breakfast food and coffee abound. Still, there's the reality of meeting ~75 new people in a short span of time while trying to gauge their interests, see where they overlap with yours, and also, you know, be a friendly human being.

Luckily, the facilitators--James, Lisa, and Rose--advised us not to write any code today. So I didn't. I started to read through a tutorial on web server hosting that Tracy from the Summer 1 Batch sent my way, but didn't even get past the first page. I was so burnt out by all the decidedly non-technical parts of the day--introductory talks, pitas out for lunch with a small group, coffee with Dan & John from my batch, an afternoon meet & great with partner pairings that regenerated every 3 minutes--that when I found myself reading the same sentence over and over, getting nothing, I decided that was it--and so did John. We went to Brooklyn, grabbed a beer, and talked about Vonnegut and shanty choirs. As good an ending as any.

Stray thoughts: