Best-Laid Plans (RC 06 July)

Started being productive (at least a little bit) today. Began doing morning check-ins, where <10 people meet in a group to basically just state what they did yesterday and what they're planning to work on today (staff participate, too, so not everything is explicitly programming-related--just part of the overall work philosophy of the space). I was initially a bit skeptical of such a simple and non-binding sort of accountability, but interestingly enough, just knowing that you need to say something (and assuming you're not comfortable lying to well-meaning people) is enough to push you to at least attempt things daily that can actually be summed up in a sentence or two.

Per some advice Rose gave to me yesterday, I'm going to return to my very hacked-together markdown interpreter, and see if I can't finish it out (and structure it like a proper interpreter rather than a random mess of poorly-planned functions). I've found a solid tutorial for building a basic Pascal interpreter from the ground up. I'm going to implement the pre-written tutorial Python in Javascript so I really get it under my fingers, and then use the principles learned there to refactor the markdown interpreter. I'm hoping to get this done within the week, but are these sort of estimates ever accurate? No, they're not.

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