Pairs & People (RC 07 July)

Another individually productive day, but with a smattering of other experiences that kept things interesting. I chipped away at the Pascal interpreter tutorial. I was hoping to have it finished yesterday, but things are getting theoretical--lexical grammar, ASTs, etc--so progress is slower. But it's fine by me, as I'm getting far outside my knowledge base, and that's exciting.

Went to my first set of presentations today, where other people in the batch talk about a project for 5 minutes or less. They ranged from pretty technical--Harold's talk on Elm went almost completely over my head--to user-facing and web-based--Tracy showed a color picker that scrapes Uniqlo's site and pulls clothing matches. I'm definitely hesitant to give a talk myself, but Tracy reassured me that it doesn't have to be polished or complete. Just interesting to the presenter.

I'm also already finding people I could actually collaborate with. While facilitating pairing is one of the reasons RC exists, I still didn't entirely believe that I actually would due to my lower experience level. But Dan told me over dinner that he'd teach me some basic web hosting (using Express.js), and Junior overheard me talking about my interpreter and said he'd like to try to build some kind of virtual machine and a compiler that would work with it. He also asked me how interpreters work, and I found myself actually able to explain it (from what I know so far) and felt confident in what I was saying. Junior is much more experienced than I am, so it was a conversation that I wasn't expecting, but I'm very happy that this place exists and encourages interactions like that.

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