Break (RC 08-10 July)

Recurse is only officially open Monday-Thursday (or at least the expectation is for us to be in the space during the day then), so to cut myself some slack I'll be covering my Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays in one summary post. They're technically my days off, but I'm going to try to keep ahead of projects anyway. Or, put another way, I can go in the Recurse space 24/7, and I'm already having a hard time truly taking even a day off (since my time at Recurse is so limited), so I'll probably still have things to say in these posts.

That said, not much productive activity this weekend, which I justified to myself since it's my first real one here. I did spend most of Friday in the space, but to diminishing returns as the day wore on. I finished the Pascal interpreter tutorial and started restructuring the markdown interpreter, but (as I'm writing this on Sunday) the rest of the day starts to get a little hazy in my memory, so I can say semi-confidently that not much happened. John asked me to work in a group on a BitTorrent client, so I learned a little Python in preparation, and while out for lunch, Adrien suggested we try to pair on synthesizer in Javascript.

Other than discussing those project ideas, though, little work happened. I left the space around 9:30, went to a party full of RCers in midtown, and came home extremely late--and I think that's okay. While there, had a very enthusiastic conversation with Irina about my idea to somehow redesign git for use with DAWs, but that might be well beyond my abilities at the moment. We'll see.

As for Saturday and Sunday, I didn't write a single line of code (I'm opening my laptop for the first time since Friday afternoon, and it's 10:30 PM on Sunday). And I think that's also okay. I wandered around various city spots I'd wanted to see--Greenwich Village, the High Line, Williamsburg, etc--and tried to give myself time to process what, for me, has been a pretty neck-snapping life transition. I don't mean that in a negative sense, necessarily--there's just a lot of new people, places, ideas, patterns of life, and I'm trying to be kind to myself as I process it.

A common personal trap for me is believing I need to be much more accomplished at and much more adjusted to difficult things, like living in a new, huge city or programming effectively, than is realistic given the amount of time I've been exposed to them. I've only been at Recurse and in New York for one week, and when I step back from it and afford myself kindness, I'm pretty pleased with how I've been doing so far.

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