A Delicate Balance (RC 19 July)

Today I'm actually going to keep it brief, as promised in the first post of this series--partially because I want these to be digestible for anyone who for whatever reason stumbles in here and partially because I'm really damn tired.

Coming into RC, I assumed my problem would be too few project ideas and too few people who would have interest in working with me. The opposite has proven true. I'm working on a BitTorrent client with John and others, a synthesizer with Adrien, and now a music recommendation service of some sort with Casey and Arpith. So it's now 11:00 PM and I've just started looking at my own work. (Still the markdown interpreter. Always the markdown interpreter.)

I'm trying to fully embrace RC as a space to not only learn the skills and languages and frameworks and other things that seem worthwhile to me, but also to learn how to work with people in the context of a field I'm not at all used to. I think I may have just leaned a little too far into the latter. Then again, plenty of professionals hold up many more spinning plates than I do with time to spare, so maybe this is just a state of work to get used to.

Stray thoughts: